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Common Questions for Flair Bartenders

1. Is alcohol included with the flair bartender?
Quick Answer: No. We do not provide the supplies, liquor, or any consumable items. Elite provides the staff to: setup the bar, skill to serve all the drinks, and organization to help with the planning beforehand. Our focus is providing you a professional bartender. You provide all supplies and we provide the Elite staff. But don't worry, you receive a list of everything you need. With your Elite bartender reservation, you’ll receive our EXCLUSIVE Elite Alcohol Calculators.

Benefit to client: You’ll save on any ridiculous up-charges for supplies, but still have a list of detailed items to purchase! Something to consider:  the cost of mixers, sodas, and waters, is only about $1 dollar per guest… if you buy it yourselves.

4.What's the difference between elite and a simple flair bartender?
Elite bartenders are professional bartenders. Flair bartenders are considered to be more a performance; along side bartending for your guests. See videos- (Our elite professional bartenders cannot do that.) 

We don't need a bartender that blows fire. Does this effect my price? 
Flair bartenders do not blow fire. That would fall under our "Dragon Bartender" (fire blower and regular bartender). So, no it won't affect the flair bartender price; that would be ordered separately.

How many people can one flair bartender handle?
They should be there to bartend, but not be required to bartend-let me explain: It is recomended to have another bartender working alongside your flair bartender to ensure guests receive their drinks in a timely manner. This way, the flair bartender has "free reign" to put on flair shows at his discretion while NOT sacrificing customer service.