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What is a flair bartender?
Flair bartenders are highly skilled bartenders with the ability to flip bottles, juggle bottles, perform amazing tricks, and most importantly, entertain your guests. Flair bartenders are an absolute incredible talent. More details
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  1. Event Insurance
    2 million *LIQUOR Liability Insurance in addition to 1 million General Liability Insurance. Host and/or event facility may be listed as additionally insured at no additional cost. Protection from alcohol related occurrences.
  2. Bar-Supply list
    With the reservation of your Elite Flair Bartender(s), you'll receive a complete list of all supplies needed for the bar. Details and amounts of all liquors, mixers, ice, and all bar related consumable items. Clients can print and take right to the store. Note: We do not provide the consumables, only the flair bartender and related flair equipment.
  3. Planner Checklist
    With the reservation of your Elite Flair Bartender(s), you'll receive a bar related client/host checklist to help aid in your planning process.
  4. Additional Options
    You'll receive a list of additional services within your proposal; once information is requested (above). Fire breathing bartenders, model bartenders, and more!
  1. Private Party
    Private Party
  2. Flair Bartenders Ice Party
    Flair Bartenders Ice Party
  3. Corporate Event
    Corporate Event